SBS Forestry Inc.

Resource Management Consultants

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SBS Forestry Inc. is an employee owned and operated, British Columbia based resource management consulting firm. The company’s main office is located in Prince George, we also have a satellite office in Fort St James, with operations being conducted throughout the central and northern portions of the province.

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Pre-Harvest Services

  • Ecological Classification

  • Site Plans and Amendments

  • Timber Cruising

  • Cruise Compilations

  • Block/Access, Recce, Design and Layout

  • Conventional / Cable / Winch Assist/ Helicopter Layout

  • Cutting and Road Permit Applications

  • Interior Appraisals

  • GPS Traversing

  • Stream Classification

  • Visual Impact Assessments

  • Road Engineering and Design

  • Forest Inventory

  • Beetle Management

  • Forest Stewardship Plans

  • Wildlife Tree Assessments

  • Road Construction Supervision

  • Logging Supervision

  • Electronic Submissions Framework. (FTA, ECAS)

  • Small Scale Salvage

  • Woodlot License Plans

  • Full-Service GIS Department

  • Cengea/LRM Experience (Canfor, Dunkley, & BCTS)

  • Plotter Services

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Post Harvest Services

  • Planting Supervision / Implementation

  • Silviculture Surveys

  • Stand Management Prescriptions

  • Site Preparation Implementation

  • Spacing/Brushing Implementation

  • Girdling

  • Road Deactivation Prescriptions and Supervision

  • Watershed Restoration Projects

  • Sediment and Erosion Control

  • Research Trials

  • Fertilizer Trial

  • Woodlot Annual Reports

  • Results Data Entry and Submissions

  • Fire Hazard Assessments

Contact Us

1541 Ogilvie St S, Prince George, BC V2N 1W7, Canada



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