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Holding Plant

Who We Are

SBS Forestry Inc. is an employee owned and operated resource management consulting firm based in British Columbia. Our main office is located in Prince George and we have a satellite office in Fort St James, with operations being conducted throughout the central and northern portions of the province.

Green Forest

What We Do

Pre-Harvest Services

  • Ecological Classification

  • Site Plans and Amendments

  • Timber Cruising

  • Cruise Compilations

  • Block/Access, Recce, Design and Layout

  • Conventional / Cable / Winch Assist/ Helicopter Layout

  • Cutting and Road Permit Applications

  • Interior Appraisals

  • GPS Traversing

  • Stream Classification

  • Visual Impact Assessments

  • Road Engineering and Design

  • Forest Inventory

  • Beetle Management

  • Forest Stewardship Plans

  • Wildlife Tree Assessments

  • Road Construction Supervision

  • Logging Supervision

  • Electronic Submissions Framework. (FTA, ECAS)

  • Small Scale Salvage

  • Woodlot License Plans

  • Full-Service GIS Department

  • Cengea/LRM Experience (Canfor, Dunkley, & BCTS)

  • Plotter Services

Post Harvest Services

  • Planting Supervision / Implementation

  • Silviculture Surveys

  • Stand Management Prescriptions

  • Site Preparation Implementation

  • Spacing/Brushing Implementation

  • Girdling

  • Road Deactivation Prescriptions and Supervision

  • Watershed Restoration Projects

  • Sediment and Erosion Control

  • Research Trials

  • Fertilizer Trial

  • Woodlot Annual Reports

  • Results Data Entry and Submissions

  • Fire Hazard Assessments

Planting a Tree

Contact Us

Fax: 250-561-0883

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