Our Vision

To provide an environment for growth. We respect the land we work on, the people we work with, and the cultures we encounter.
Image taken west of McLeod Lake
About Us

Our Story

SBS Forestry was founded in 1987 by James Wylie – the company’s first president. For the first few years, SBS was based out of James’ home as it grew and he gained employees. Before long, SBS Forestry had established a strong reputation for affordable multiphase forest development consulting services. In 1989, Andre Stauble joined as senior partner. In 2008, Bill Wade purchased James’ and Andre’s shares, taking on the role of principal partner.

As SBS continued to grow, longtime employees Hans Rasmussen, Doug Bryce, Blaine Tallman, and John Annis joined the employee ownership group. Their dedication to our clients continues to be integral to the day-to-day-operations of this great organization.

Man in front of tree – Lodi Lake
Image taken at Lodi Lake

Today, SBS Forestry is a proud employee and Indigenous-owned company. Sasuchan Development Corporation joined the SBS Forestry ownership group in 2018, taking over the role of principal partner from Bill Wade. Sasuchan’s management team – VP Tom Lewis and CEO Steve Nycholat – bring deep experience in the forestry and consulting, contracting sectors with a focus on client service, organizational and people development.


Blaine Tallman, RFT

Business Manager

Douglas Bryce, RFT

Senior Managing Coordinator

John Annis

Equipment Manager | GIS Technician

Hans Rasmussen, RFT

Innovation Manager | GIS Analyst


Brandon Collison

Operations Manager

Ron Parker, RPF

Senior Forester

Neal Daulton, RPF

Senior Forestry Supervisor

Nathan MacNutt, FIT

Forestry Supervisor

Stephen Toope

Cruising Supervisor

Image taken at Dunkley Mill site

About Sasuchan Development Corporation

Sasuchan Development Corporation is the economic arm of the Takla Nation. Officially incorporated on February 11, 2016, Sasuchan has formed a partnership with Takla Nation, known as the Takla Lake Limited Partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to carry on and create various business ventures and other opportunities for the benefit of the members of Takla Nation, and to conduct all operations in a manner that respects the land, the people and the culture.